January Changes

Setup changelogs for website Make website display only the civil war posts on the main screen, not all posts Fixed website menu bar Used redirection to make home page map to the civil war posts page.  Blog is almost ready for the addition of civil war content. Adding post about...

Civil War Haversack – What is a “living” document?

A living document is a document that is under revision. Some of these stories on this blog will qualify as living documents as research continues. Eventually, leads will pan out and the documents will be dormant.  One can check the changelog for the last revision to the website or story.

What are changelogs?

Changelogs, are a way of tracking changes to the logs.  I intend to keep changelogs on the website itself, as well as the stories that are being researched.

Blogger – Why is this blog on Blogger.com instead of WordPress?

Wordpress logo Is Wordpress too slow? My main complaint about Wordpress on a self-hosted solution is that Wordpress is slow. It is slow for end-users and slow for site operators. Wordpress will tell you this is a hosting issue, but the fact is all hosting services are shared services. Your...

Civil War Haversack, the First Post

Replica of Union haversack This is the first post to Civil War Haversack. Civil War Haversack has been reborn. Its my New Years Resolution. Civil War Haversack has been started several times, only to fall into disuse. I'll try to persist with it this time. it is my intention to...