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T J Childress
Statira H.
Thomas Jefferson Childress died in 1908 when he was 72 years old.
erlanger, independence, elsmere

13th ky inf?,%20Erlanger,%20Kenton%20County,%20Ky.:%20In%20the%20fall%20of%201862,%20while%20Kirby%20Smith%20was%20in&f=false

A Texan BURIED in KENTUCKY.-—T. J. Childress, Erlanger, Kenton County, Ky.: In the fall of 1862, while Kirby Smith was in Kentucky, General Heth marched down the Covington and Lexington turnpike to within four miles of Covington. One of his men died while on the march near the third tollgate, eleven miles from Covington. He was buried in a field near the road. After the close of the war I and two others took the body up and put it in a nice coffin and had it buried in the Linden Grove cemetery at Covington. I think he was a Texan. He belonged to McCulloch’s old brigade. We never found out who he was. Please inquire through the VETERAN, as his family would be glad to know he was decently buried.

T.J. Childress served in the Confederate Army, in a Jesse’s Battalion, Kentucky Mounted Riflemen. Apparently, he was part of Heth’s movement toward Cincinnati in 1862 or he would not have known of this soldier’s death. Heth did not attack Cincinnati; he had received orders from Bragg that Heth was needed in Tennessee.

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