Category: Changelogs

Changelogs record the daily, weekly, and monthly changes to the blog.

Civil War Haversack – March Changes

March Chages to the Blog * 3/8 Robots.Txt file fixed. Google Search (formerly Webmaster Tools) reported posts blocked by robots.txt. * 3/8 Homepage redirection not working.  Investigating. * 3/8 Discovered redirection urls are missing.  I will need to recreate and backup. Google does not backup this information.  I will run...

February Changes

*Home page mapped to main label *Posts assigned to the main label *Posts on the main label redirected to the label groups *The '/' page was redirected to the home label *The result of the above was that all labels are easily accessible from the main page. *Adsense needs to...

January Changes

Setup changelogs for website Make website display only the civil war posts on the main screen, not all posts Fixed website menu bar Used redirection to make home page map to the civil war posts page.  Blog is almost ready for the addition of civil war content. Adding post about...

What are changelogs?

Changelogs, are a way of tracking changes to the logs.  I intend to keep changelogs on the website itself, as well as the stories that are being researched.