Leticia Rule

Leticia Rule was the mother of George R. Rule. G In 1862, she was 52 years and head of household. Her husband, Augustus E. Rule, Constable, had died in 18xx at the age of x.

(George R. Rule, who would play a role later in this story, was 25. George R. Rule served in the Civil War as x.  AFter the war, George R. Rule would serve as Commander of the UCV Camp.

It was the Rule household which would serve as ‘hospital’ for S. S. Jennings in the days following the skirmish.  His older sister, Miss Annie E. Rule, 27, would serve as nurse.

After S. S. Jennings died, he was interred on the Rule property.

In 1867, George R. Rule exhumed the body of S.S. Jennings and take it to Cynthiana for re-interment in 1867.

It was George R. Rule would would

She was head of household in 1860. Husband had died in 1852. George and Anna were living at home.
Did George Rule serve? Conf or Union?

Name: Leticia Reele
[Leticia Rule]
Age: 48
Birth Year: abt 1812
Gender: Female
Race: White
Birth Place: Kentucky
Home in 1860: Falmouth, Pendleton, Kentucky
Post Office: Falmouth
Family Number: 44
Value of real estate: View image
Household Members:
Name Age
Leticia Reele 48
George Reele 23
Ann E Reele 25
Florila Reele 18
Lizzie Corben 24

Augustus E. Rule 46 constable
Letitia E. Rule 37
Anne L Rule 15
George R Rule 13
Susan Florila Rule 8

Mrs L E Rule 59
George R Rule 32
Ann Rule 34
F Seaman 27
W R Seaman 04
Jos Coleman F (servant) black 9
Nutie Frazier F (servant) mulatto 17

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